About me

About me

Hello everyone!

My name is Kimberly, recently married and a resident of the ever sunny and breezy Tampa, Florida. I’m an ardent content creator and highly motivated blogger who has made the skincare niche my speciality for the last five years. Apart from being a regular guest contributor to some of the biggest online cosmetic publications today, I’m also in the process of starting an exclusive  Youtube show to reach even more women (and men) struggling with skin problems around the world.

My interest in skincare peaked in my early 20s after battling and successfully overcoming a nasty acne episode that had haunted me for the better part of my teenage years. After that traumatic and harrowing experience, I made it my personal life mission to see to it that no one else should ever have to deal with skin problems alone. In this community, we will share ideas, tips and science-based suggestions on the best ways to have and keep a flawless complexion all year round.  Bookmark this page – trust me, you don’t want to miss any of this.

Get in the Know – Frequently Asked Questions About Me

1. What is your skincare regimen? My skincare routine revolves around three main tenets; regular exfoliation, daily moisturization and routine anti-aging treatment. This is then backed up by a religious application of sunscreen whenever I head outdoors and a nightly skin balancing/toning session. It may sound a little bit complex but when you live in a coastal paradise that receives over 250 days of glorious sunshine in a year, you really have no choice.

2. Have you had any skin problems? I battled a really awful (and seemingly never-ending) bout of acne in my early 20s and a huge chunk of my teenage years. So I know the heavy beating that one’s self-esteem takes when angry-looking pustules and unsightly scars are keeping you from looking like the girl on the front page of the magazine.

3. How do you care for your hair? I employ a foundation made with the basics i.e regular shampooing, conditioning, and moisturization before styling. This is then complemented with a weekly detangling session to prevent breakages and seal split-ends. And when looking to turn heads, I will occasionally use a volumizer and shine spray/serum for that added ‘oomph’ every once in a while.

4. What inspires you to blog? My desire is to help as many people as possible reclaim their self-esteem that may have been battered by skin problems and stubborn breakouts. I am also a yoga enthusiast who ascribes to the philosophy that wellness starts from within and this blog is my personal creative outlet.

About me

5. What’s your favorite facial care product? If I had to choose then that would be Maryann’s Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic acid, simply because it represents the same well-rounded approach to skincare that I believe in.

6. Has your skincare changed with aging? Indeed, I began paying more attention to the anti-aging aspect of skincare as early as 24 or 25 thereabout. My plan is to put up a spirited fight against fine lines and wrinkles to hold them off for as long as possible as I get older. And as expected, I will document the progress of my journey on this blog.

7. What does the name of your blog mean? The tag line ‘FaceSkinClean’ was borne out of the belief that proper skin hygiene is the bedrock of any successful dermatological or anti-aging routine

I will be glad to receive your letters to kimberly.from.tampa@gmail.com