What Is The Difference Between Anti-aging Serum and Anti-aging Cream?

What Is The Difference Between Anti-aging Serum and Anti-aging Cream?

Serums are water-based, and your skin absorbs them quickly, resulting in a more potent effect. Also, most serums require as little as two drops to affect, whereas anti-aging creams need to be applied all over the entire face to start working.

Which is better serum or cream?

They are both excellent. Serums are absorbed easily and only require one to two drops on the face skin to start working. Also, serums are formulated with highly concentrated ingredients that work perfectly on targeted areas. For example, one of these serums is Maryann Vitamin C Serum works great on small areas by restoring skin tone and improving the texture. However, the small application areas and limited benefits are the disadvantages of face serum. Serum’s small yet effective applications drive better results. In addition, serums aren’t good at providing full-range skincare to your face due to their mission to target specific skin issues. 

An anti-aging cream addresses a wide range of skin issues such as signs of aging, dry skin, and sun exposure. A great example would be Maryann Collagen Cream that delivers moisture and anti-aging ingredients. This cream seals in moisture and helps produce collagen in the skin, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. However, the cream helps treat a broad spectrum of skin issues at the cost of wide application and longer waiting times. 

So, the question is, “do I need both serum and moisturizer?”. Yes, you need both to reap maximum benefits from using these anti-aging products. Again, whether you decide to use night cream or serum, think of them as products that complement each other.

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