How Does Eye Cream Work?

How Does Eye Cream Work?

Eye moisture is absorbed into the skin and supplies water to the middle layer of the skin- the dermis. From there, moisture travels upward and outward through the epidermis before evaporating into the atmosphere. Here the cream creates a barrier over the skin and traps the moisture inside, stopping evaporation.

What does eye cream do?

Eye Cream with powerful ingredients reduces signs of aging and moisturizes the skin while being gentle to the sensitive area around the eyes. However, be careful when you choose an eye cream. On the one hand, if the cream is too heavy, it might clog pores and cause puffiness. On the other hand, too lightweight cream may not be effective at moisturizing and protecting the skin. Maryann Eye Cream, an ideal balance, helps achieve a healthy and youthful appearance in a month!

Does eye cream help with bags?

Maryann Eye Cream with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and olive oil can help in reducing the under-eye bag’s appearance and reveal radiant skin.

Is eye cream necessary?

There are several reasons to consider eye cream:

  • Your face moisturizer is irritating to use on the eye area. You don’t have to turn down your favorite cream. Get a separate eye cream.
  • Again, your face moisturizer is too lightweight and too heavy to use on delicate eye skin. Get a cream that suits your personal needs.
  • You have clear signs of aging around your eyes. Choose the cream with retinol to treat these issues gently!
  • Your anti-aging treatment is irritating the skin. Eye creams with non-irritating active ingredients would be your best choice.

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