What Comes First Eye Cream or Moisturizer?

What Comes First Eye Cream or Moisturizer?

Eye creams are generally lighter and thinner than moisturizers, so it is best to apply eye cream before moisturizers.

What’s the difference between eye cream and moisturizer?

It’s critical to choose the right eye cream for the best results.

  • As a rule, eye creamsrizers are not the same as eye creams, although they are quite similar. In fact, as you age, the skin around your eyes is creasing and becoming more sensitive to some facial products that are designed to be extra mild since the skin area around the eye is sensitive to irritation. This means Maryann Eye Cream is formulated without irritants, such as fragrance and toxic compounds, which means the product is safe around the eyes.
  • Another reason why you should use eye cream instead of facial moisturizer on the skin around your eyes is the tightening benefit. Maryann Eye Cream can make the skin look and feel tighter. This helps eyes feel less puffy and look less wrinkled.
  • Using a separate eye cream is justified as long as it’s around the eye area. However, for the rest of the face, facial moisturizer is a must-have. Maryann Facial Moisturizer is formulated to be lighter and less greasy than body moisturizers to relieve dryness and reduce signs of aging. Buy one now and start enjoying all the benefits tomorrow!
  • Also, both facial moisturizer and eye cream absorb quickly, so eye makeup and foundation can be applied easily without a greasy mess. Get all the benefits from using Maryann’s Eye Cream and Facial Moisturizer together. Rejuvenated, regenerated, and softened skin is just a few clicks away. 

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