The best way to get rid of wrinkles

The best way to get rid of wrinkles

Our face wrinkles are divided into subspecies: there are fatigue wrinkles, which go away after a good night’s sleep, expression wrinkles, which form when we smile or frown, and there are deep wrinkles. The latter is characterized by the fact that they do not disappear, even when you peacefully snooze if you run a finger over them, it will slightly fall there.

Сlean and exfoliate

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, exfoliating can leave your skin looking brighter and improve the effectiveness of topical products to remove forehead wrinkles by improving absorption. Prolonged exfoliation can increase collagen production. The protein also promotes skin elasticity, minimizing the appearance of expression lines and loss of firmness.

Reduce hyperpigmentation with vitamin C serum

Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid – the best way to get rid of wrinkles. It’s hard to find a better combination of the antioxidant and moisturizing complex. Vitamin C serum cream uses L-ascorbic acid (a known antioxidant) to help wrinkle repair, smooth skin and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Features best anti-wrinkle with vitamin C from Maryann:

  1. Stimulates collagen production in the epidermis.
  2. It combats all forms of photo-aging: thickening and unevenness of the skin, pigmentation spots.
  3. Regenerates vitamin E, which is also a powerful natural antioxidant.

Moisturize skin

The word “moisturize” on the label most often hides three different types of substances that eliminate deep forehead wrinkles. Water-binding components attract and retain water in the skin. The occlusive ones reduce the loss of moisture. Softeners are the best products for forehead wrinkles that fill the spaces between the scales, smoothing out skin texture and improving skin barrier function; the latter include lipids, oils, and fatty alcohols.

Deep wrinkle repair with active ingredients

How do you remove wrinkles with active ingredients? It is very likely that only natural remedies for wrinkles won’t get rid of wrinkles and folds. First of all, consult a cosmetologist, a specialist will choose effective ways to combat wrinkles in the clinic and recommend home care. Concentrated serums and creams with lifting effect, as well as treatments with substances that activate the production of skin connective fibers can smooth out such wrinkles.


Collagenis a protein consisting mainly of three amino acids: glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, and hydroxylysine. Glycine and proline, we synthesize ourselves, but lysine must be consumed with food. It is an essential amino acid. 

Its formation is supported by sex hormones: estrogens in women, testosterone in men. Collagen can deteriorate as a result of free-radical processes in the skin, as well as due to the action of ultraviolet light. The latter process is called photoaging and has a fairly long-lasting effect. The collagen degradation genes are turned on and the collagen synthesis genes are suppressed.


Retinolis the most popular fat-soluble vitamin, antioxidant and synthetic analog of vitamin A, and therefore an anti wrinkle remedy. Retinoic acid molecules, a more stable active version of retinol, penetrate deeply into the cells, accelerating their renewal. It promotes deep wrinkle repair, activates collagen production, controls pigmentation, and helps in the treatment of acne.

Remember about the skin around the eyes

Natural remedies for wrinkles around the eyes have to be gentle, that’s the most important thing.

Skincare products for this sensitive area must be:

  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Specially formulated for this area;
  • Ophthalmologically tested.

Reduce wrinkles on neck

Wrinkles on the neck are often considered a sign of age, but they are often the result of improper care and careless attitude towards this area. Indeed, we tend to give it far less attention than we do our faces.

And in vain. The skin of the neck has several features:

  • a small number of sebaceous glands;
  • poor support of the muscular carcass;
  • vulnerability to ultraviolet light.

If you’re thinking hard about how to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your neck, start small: moisturizing and protecting it is the bare minimum. In addition, as we age, collagen and elastin production decreases, which leads to decreased skin elasticity and turgor. All this affects the appearance of the neck. There are many products on the website that affect wrinkles. On the website you can buy all the pluperfect and effective wrinkle remedies for consumers of all ages.

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