What Happens if You Use Anti-wrinkle Cream at A Young Age?

What Happens if You Use Anti-wrinkle Cream at A Young Age?

Many teenagers often ask  “Am I too young to start using these products?”. The answer is no. Starting an anti-aging skincare routine is vital to prevent signs of aging. Anti-aging regimens can help slow skin aging, reduce damage from free radicals and toxins, and reverse their effects.

What happens if a young person uses anti wrinkle cream?

Your 20s are the perfect age to start using anti-aging skincare products. In fact, many people start using anti-wrinkle creams at 25. That’s because proteins like collagen start decreasing after the age of 20, and it’s essential to stimulate collagen production. One of the best ways to combat skin aging is to apply Maryann Collagen Creamdaily for at least a month. 

However, anti-aging products are now more prevalent among teenagers. Creams won’t harm young skin; instead, they will help moisturize, nourish, and protect. So, you can start using sunscreen and Maryann Hydro Care Cream at 15 years old. 

 Also, teenagers can get anti-aging products at 16 to start a skincare routine that protects their skin from environmental damage. Maryann Exfoliating Pads are excellent for acne-prone skin, especially during puberty. This product has antioxidant properties to fight free radicals caused by UV rays and other ingredients to unclog pores and eliminate acne. 

Starting a skincare regimen at 18 is normal. As an introduction, you can get Maryann Retinol Cream with Vitamin C Serum. Question- “do anti-aging products make you age faster?”. Well, it doesn’t. Retinol may cause irritation, peeling, and dryness, but just as an adjustment process. What matters is how you use it, not when you start it.

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