An Insight into the Best Collagen Supplements

An Insight into the Best Collagen Supplements

The best collagen supplements are a function of both affordability, ease-of-use and effectiveness. Fortunately for us, advances in dermatological science have given us several avenues that we can use to incorporate this much-needed protein safely into our body’s ecosystem. You see, the ability of the body to naturally produce and sustain optimum levels of collagen in your skin starts to wane progressively as soon as one turns 25. And considering that collagen is literally the scaffolding that holds your skin together and gives your face that youthful plumpness, you can begin to understand why wrinkles and fine lines crop up in our 30s and beyond.

The Little-Known Benefits of Collagen Supplements

The upsides of integrating collagen supplements in your dietary and wellness regimen are vast and worth the small monetary investment. Here’s the thing; your skin is made up of at least 75% collagen, the protein that gives it volume and structure. In a way, this protein-synthesized compound is responsible for the physical firmness of your skin. Hence, a deterioration in the amount of collagen in your skin will almost certainly mean that it will start sagging and fine lines or wrinkles follow soon. 

According to dermatologists, the rate of collagen synthesis decreases at an exponential rate of about 1.5% per year. Intrinsically, this means that by the time you hit 45, your collagen stores will have diminished by more than 30% compared to the levels in your late teens and early 20s if you don’t have the best collagen supplement in the mix.

It is not just that – the full brunt of the slow deterioration of collagen breakdown is not limited to just dry skin, wrinkles, saggy cheeks or fine lines. If you are not prudent enough to incorporate the best collagen for joints in your wellness regimen as you get older, this age-caused decay can result in permanent disability or debilitating physical ailments. Remember, apart from giving your skin that youthful plumpness, that collagen is essentially the bond that holds your bones, ligaments and joints together.

An Insight into the Best Collagen Supplements

All said and done, the advantage of having the best collagen for women by your side to fight and possibly reverse age-related natural deterioration teeters around the following.

  • Improved health of your skin: The protein obtained from the best collagen supplements for women is pivotal in strengthening the integrity of the skin. And if supplementation is done well enough, it is key to maintaining optimum hydration and elasticity as one age.
  • Relieves joint pain: The best collagen supplements for joints supply the cartilage needed to shield the joints from mechanical wear and tear or degenerative joint diseases like osteoarthritis.
  • Stems bone loss: Given that your bones are mostly made of collagen, bone mass tends to diminish slowly as your collagen stores deteriorate with age. As such, adding a suitable vegan collagen supplement to your dietary plan is not an option if you are to avoid the breakdown of your skeletal tissue later in life.
  • Healthier nails and hair: Taking collagen supplements has been linked to healthier and attractive-looking hair and nails since it prevents brittleness and stimulates them to grow longer and faster.
  • Better muscle mass: At least 10% of your body’s muscle mass is made of collagen. In other words, this protein is highly essential in keeping your muscles strong and sinewy enough to work as they should. It also slows down the characteristic loss of muscle mass that happens as we get older hence averting frailty.
  • Promotes digestion: Thanks to the high glycine content, collagen supplementation is thought to stimulate the production of stomach acid, which in turn promotes a more efficient breakdown of food.

The Best Collagen for Joints

As mentioned above, the best collagen supplements for joints are integral in preventing debilitating joint ailments like osteoarthritis as you get older. Collagen, after all, is the grease that lubricates the physical movement of your joints and keeps them from grinding into each other. Speaking of which, here is a quick collection of collagen peptides supplements that are readily available in the market.

Wellab’s Multi-Collagen Capsules

Scientifically developed and non-GMO, Wellabs Multi-Collagen Capsules attempt to bridge the gap between effectiveness, affordability and vegan-friendliness. Truth be told, it is not easy to come across highly potent and absorbable vegan collagen supplements that don’t utilize any animal products whatsoever in their formulation. Coming at less than a paltry $20 per bottle of 150 capsules (or thereabout), you don’t need advanced algebra to know that this is a good deal, especially if you are looking to hold wrinkles at bay while supporting the health of your joints.

That said, these hydrolyzed collagen capsules are designed for daily use without any health ramifications or side effects. Nonetheless, it is always recommended to seek a green light from your primary caregiver before adopting long-term use of these supplements if you are already on another joint health-related medication.

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An Insight into the Best Collagen SupplementsAn Insight into the Best Collagen Supplements

Bloommy’s Biotin, Collagen & Keratin Capsules

This is arguably one of the top collagen supplements that you can land at the moment. Bloommy has done an excellent job in enriching these capsules in an array of nature-inspired ingredients to make them an excellent avenue of extracting the nutrients that you need for healthy skin, nails and joints. The bonus presence of keratin here means that you now have a way of keeping your mane looking fabulous even as your work to keep osteoarthritis at bay.

Besides, being a trailblazer of natural collagen supplements, the manufacturer has gone to pains to add a number of additional useful ingredients such as grapeseed, bamboo and nettle root extract. These additives are there to boost the capsules’ anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties to ensure a more comprehensive collagen supplementation, something that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd.

The Best Collagen for Women

Unlike men, women have a great need for optimum collagen stores as they are more health and beauty-conscious. Bear in mind that collagen is the stuff that gives your skin that attractive and alluring youthful plumpness. Besides, it is the chief building block for your hair, nails and skin – the three hallmarks of feminine attractiveness. Instinstically, this implies that you have to keep your collagen stores within a certain threshold if you want to hang on to youthfulness for as long as it is humanly possible.

An Insight into the Best Collagen Supplements

According to reputable and unbiased collagen supplement reviews, these four products rank as some of the best collagen supplements for women.

Wellabs Biotin and Collagen Drops

As the name suggests, Wellabs has created a one-of-a-kind liquid formulation that you can use to keep your collagen stores optimally replenished. The inclusion of biotin (vitamin B7) goes to show how meticulously designed these drops are, as far as ensuring that you get to keep your hair, nails and skin looking youthful deep into middle age. What’s even better, the drops are tailored to slow graying of hair, prevent thinning and avert nail brittleness if used consistently and correctly.

Apart from being just hair loss drops, they also rank as one of the best collagen type 2 supplements for joints given how easy it is to extract the protein from these highly absorbable drops.

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An Insight into the Best Collagen SupplementsAn Insight into the Best Collagen Supplements

Bloommy Biotin, Collagen & Keratin Capsules

Once again, these incredible keratin-infused capsules demonstrate a remarkable ability to keep your joints in excellent shape. Women are, in particular, at a greater risk of suffering from joint problems such as osteoporosis and a waning bone density with age compared to men. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for them to up their collagen intake as early in life as possible in order to avert such a looming crisis in the future.

What’s more, these collagen and elastin supplements from Bloommy double up as daily vitamins for skin and hair growth that can be taken on a daily basis.  That said, for best results, experts advise taking the supplement at least one hour after or before eating solid food to lower the chances of a digestive breakdown in the gut.

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An Insight into the Best Collagen SupplementsAn Insight into the Best Collagen Supplements

Wellabs Biotin With Collagen and Keratin Capsules

It is a blend of collagen, biotin and keratin in easy-to-swallow pellets that represent one of the best collagen supplements dermatologists recommend. Apart from being incredibly reliable vitamin B7 pills, these capsules seamlessly integrate keratin and collagen within the matrix to make it easier for you to have an attractive, healthy-looking and youthful complexion at the end of the day.

And considering that collagen is literally the most abundant gelatinous protein in the body, you can rest easy knowing that pills that you pop on a daily basis to keep your hair, skin and nails looking alluring also help to keep your joints in excellent shape.

Wellab’s Multi-Collagen Capsules

If you are in the market for the best collagen supplements for bone density, then these unique vegan-friendly pills will go a long way in keeping your skeletal muscle in amazing shape. It will also help your skin, hair and nails withstand the unforgiving ravages of Mother Nature and Father Time as you approach your sunset years. Besides being able to turn back the hands of time on the state of your skin and mane, these multi-collagen pills are also pivotal to helping women build and hold on to muscle mass easily. Which, as you would imagine, keeps physical ailments at bay and makes you look several years younger than your peers.

Natural Collagen Supplements

The best collagen supplements for skin and hair employ a series of natural and gluten-free ingredients to promote the healthiness of your hair and the flawlessness of your complexion. As a woman conscious of her looks and desires a conveniently designed avenue to maintain her gracefulness, these two collagen supplements for skin ought to come in handy.

Multi-Collagen Capsules

These are hydrolyzed collagen pills optimized for easy uptake in the gut with very little chance of unwanted side effects even with long-term use. The bioavailable collagen is delivered alongside naturally-derived vitamins of clinically proven quality to hydrate your epidermis inside out. At the end of the day, this adds to firmness, elasticity and plumpness to your skin that eventually culminates in a youthful and blemish-free complexion.

Again, it is imperative to recognize that collagen is administered through these capsules in hydrolyzed form. What this means, in simpler terms, is that it is already pre-broken down to ensure seamless assimilation into your system with zero risk of being broken down in the gut which would otherwise render it useless.

Otherwise, brimming with a choke-full of collagen peptides, these capsules’ sole objective is to help you tackle tell-tale signs of aging sooner rather than later.

Wellabs Biotin Collagen Drops

The best part about these drops, which are ranked as one of the best collagen supplements for skin, is that they can be added to your favorite beverage without losing their revered potency. They are actually perfect for women who lead an active lifestyle as they are tailored to fortify the integrity of your ligaments and cartilage in addition to strengthening your skin.

Otherwise, being a collagen supplement devoid of animal products means that even vegetarians and religious vegans who may have a hard time accessing collagen from their plant-based diet can rely on this gem to support the health of their nails, skin and hair.

In Closing – The Takeaway

Unlike in standard topical remedies, nutrients are usually delivered faster into your system and absorbed more efficiently into the bloodstream when collagen is consumed orally. Once in the body, the collagen peptides will go on to stimulate the fibroblasts in your joints, skin, and hair to ‘trick’ your own dormant collagen stores to proliferate and become more active. All of the collagen supplements mentioned here employ hydrolyzed collagen, and this implies that between 90 to 95% of the peptides consumed eventually reach their intended target sites.

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