How to put eye cream on your eyes

How to Put Eye Cream on Your Eyes?

First, know when to use it. Second, pick the right product. Third, use the right amount of eye cream. Fourth, apply the cream correctly on the skin around the eyes.

When to apply under eye cream?

Most eye creams are used in the mornings and at night and will be most effective when applied appropriately and consistently. In case you want to apply just once a day, do so at night. Your skin naturally goes into a regenerative state overnight, making this a perfect time to give your skin a boost with the anti-aging ingredients.

How to apply night cream?

  • Pick your product.
  • If you are annoyed by wrinkles and fine lines, get Maryann Eye Cream with Retinol and Peptides, two proven wrinkles fighters. Also, this cream will help diminish dark circles around the eyes, giving you a youthful appearance. Treat the existing issues and take a proactive position in preventing foreseen face skin problems such as premature aging and sun exposure effects.
  • Use the right amount of eye cream
  • Eye cream is super concentrated. So, scoop out about half a pea-size amount per eye, and it should be enough.

Where do you apply eye cream?

Apply the dots in a semi-circle shape, starting by adding small dots from the inner area underneath your eyes towards your brow bone that surrounds your eye. Remember to be gentle! After application, tap the Maryann Eye Cream into the skin. Avoid rubbing the cream into the delicate skin around your eyes, as this may cause irritation and can even worsen existing issues.

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